UBCUK Pledges Support for UK Children's Charity, KidsOut

UBCUK is delighted to announce a partnership with nationwide children's charity KidsOut, pledging a year-long programme of fundraising events across its UK business centres.

Staff and clients at UBCUK business centres are no stranger to fundraising, having raised thousands of pounds over the past few years for numerous UK charities and causes.

Now UBCUK has pledged its full support for one very special cause - KidsOut - a national children's charity based in Bedfordshire. This organisation works to provide fun and positive experiences for children throughout the UK who are living in refuge, economic hardship or with other acute disadvantages.

All of UBCUK's business centres are now dedicated to supporting KidsOut, and Centre Managers will shortly reveal a programme of fundraising events that will take place at their respective buildings over the coming months.

Whilst most events will be organised locally, UBCUK also plans to hold national fundraising campaigns including volunteering days, allowing staff to get more closely involved with the charity's work.

UBCUK has previously supported KidsOut during their Christmas 'Giving Tree' campaign, which involves donating small gifts for children during the festive season.

Tom Mulvaney, Managing Director at UBCUK, commented: "For many years, UBC has supported charitable campaigns through the excellent work of our business centre managers and our very generous clients.

"Now for the first time, we're focusing all our company efforts on KidsOut - a very special charity that works to improve the lives of young children all over the country. What could be more important than safeguarding young lives and building stronger futures? We are delighted to support KidsOut and we are once again counting on the generosity of our staff, clients, colleagues and friends to join us in supporting this very special cause."

Stewart Moulds, Head of Fundraising at KidsOut said, “KidsOut is so pleased to welcome UBC as one of our lead supporters. Their commitment to our cause has already helped bring toys to numerous children, and we look forward to future opportunities together.”

KidsOut delivers services to thousands of children nationwide who have escaped domestic violence or come from difficult backgrounds. The charity brings fun and excitement into their lives, as well as hope for a better future, and through this life-changing work KidsOut plays a key role in shaping the future members of society for the better.

KidsOut is currently in the midst of its 25th anniversary year, and is aiming to extend its services to 50,000 children this year alone.