'I Love Cosmetics' Brings Global Fragrance Brand to Birchwood

Since launching in 2009, I Love Cosmetics Limited has grown from a Manchester-based startup to an award-winning global brand. In 2013, ‘I Love’ won the Queens Award for International Trade and today, millions of beauty items are rolling off the shelves in thousands of outlets across 40 countries.

Over the past few years demand for the company’s unique blend of fragrances, cosmetics and beauty products has led the team, headed by founder and Managing Director James Brown, on an exciting journey of partnerships and international expansion.

Their most recent step-change involved relocating their head office to UBC’s offices at Rutherford House in Birchwood, Warrington, and it’s here that we caught up with James and the team to learn more about their sensational journey.

“From conception, the business has been centred around a pure passion for fragrance and an instinctive eye for product and design,” says James Brown, Managing Director of I Love Cosmetics Limited.

James’s aim was to capture the essence of his favourite memories, flavours and experiences, to create evocative scents and bottle them for everyone to enjoy and fall in love with - which is how the name ‘I Love’ evolved.

“Fragrances evoke happy memories and positive emotions. Every great brand is inspired by a love or a commitment for someone or something.”

As the company has grown, naturally it has attracted attention from notable brands and investors. In 2017, the Sheffield-headquartered GRI Group, headed up by Graham Royle - one of Yorkshire's most successful entrepreneurs - acquired I Love Cosmetics (ILC).

“The acquisition is great news for the ILC business and the brand portfolio,” said James. “I Love Cosmetics will continue to operate with its existing team, supported strategically by Graham Royle, ILC's new chairman and chief executive.”

Lifestyle focus

Coinciding with the newly completed joint venture, the team relocated their former head office in Manchester to UBC’s Rutherford House in Birchwood.

“The big downside to the city centre location was the traffic,” James said. “By relocating we have been able to enrich our employees’ lives and in some cases, halve their travel time.”

“Birchwood’s proximity to the North West’s major cities and the perfect positioning to the motorway networks were big draws for I Love.”

Commenting on their new offices at Rutherford House, which overlooks Birchwood Park, he added:

“We were attracted to Rutherford House due to its amazing facilities and feel-good factor of life in the wider Business Park. The UBC offices have been great for us so far, and they give us the perfect blend of quality, service and flexibility to upscale as we grow.

“We have been made to feel at home and the building has a community feel to it. The additional meeting and break out spaces is perfect for our business and has been well utilised since we arrived.”

As for next steps, James and the team are looking forward to settling down in Birchwood.

“With the changes, both acquisition and relocation, the immediate plans are stability and 'getting back to business'. The team are loving the new office and the vibrancy of our new surroundings at Birchwood Park.

“With our new surroundings and ownership the brand can only grow, and with that will bring opportunities for building the team and presence with UBC at Rutherford House.”