Why Southampton Ticks All the Right Business Boxes

Can't get enough of sea views and salty air? As a business hub - and as a place to live - it's easy to see why Southampton ticks all the right boxes.

For starters, it's well connected by road and rail, with its own airport, busy shipping ports and a bustling tourist trade. It's no wonder it's known as the 'cruise capital of Europe'.

Placing businesses large and small right in the thick of the action is UBCUK's popular Southampton business centre, Enterprise House, which is based in Ocean Village Marina - a thriving business and leisure development.

The property's smart interior and beautifully restored historic features create an appealing business environment, while its waterfront location in the busy port city of Southampton is a natural draw for companies serving or supplying the shipping and maritime sectors. Indeed, Trevor Ward of Profile Security cited the proximity of Enterprise House to Southampton's ports as one of their main reasons for choosing the location.

But it's not all location, location, location. Looking ahead, there could well be cause for additional interest in the area thanks to significant investment in and around the city.

Ocean Village, home to UBC's Enterprise House, is undergoing extensive development including a new £50m five-star hotel and leisure complex. The hotel is set to bring a dazzling array of luxury rooms and duplex apartments to the area, along with a spa, a rooftop restaurant and champagne bar.

This development alone is expected to create over 1,000 jobs and, as Southampton's only five-star hotel, would bring many more long-term benefits to the area including a boost to local businesses.

On the subject of business boosts, it's telling that Southampton Airport is also enjoying significant success at the hands of business travellers. Recently, the Airport revealed a 14% increase in passenger travel and positive year-on-year growth, which it has largely attributed to increased take-up in business routes on both the domestic and international stage.

Startups in Southampton and Hampshire are also enjoying their fair share of positive attention.

If last year's startup figures are anything to go by, there is indeed a thirst for entrepreneurial activity in the area. Startup Britain found that in 2014, a total of 5,020 new businesses were launched in Southampton and the surrounding area, compared to 2012's figure of 750.

Now, a new online support service aims to maintain that growth by helping business owners get their concept off the ground. Outset Online, run by The Outset Foundation, is a new programme offering vital information relating to business plans, market competition and marketing strategies.

According to Bev Hurley of the Outset service, the programme is "dedicated to empowering people to make positive changes in their lives" by offering educational tutorials and detailed information on setting up a business.

Thanks to supportive business programmes, a range of flexible workspaces, significant inward investment and exciting ongoing developments, there are plenty of reasons why Southampton ticks all the right business boxes.

Find out more about flexible serviced and managed offices in Southampton through UBCUK, and how it can help your business grow.