My Visit to Lyreco HQ

My Visit to Lyreco HQ

By Sarah Brackpool, Customer Service Manager at UBC Enterprise House (Southampton)

On February 13th I braved the M6 to make my way up to visit Lyreco HQ in Telford. UBC have worked with Lyreco for some time now as our supplier for everything from stationery, cleaning supplies, PPE and our business cards and leaflets - but I just thought of them as another stationery supplier.

Arriving at Lyreco HQ the first thing that hits you is the sheer scale, the offices are modern, large and fully kitted out but the warehouse attached to the back of the building can only be described as the size of a small village.

I was there to meet our account manager Laura who, after a quick cup of coffee, gave us the grand tour. First we went and visited the customer service team who answer the calls for Lyreco and are the first people you will speak to when calling up Lyreco on the phone. The team place orders, deal with queries and also monitor the customer service email as well. All the calls are answered by this dedicated team, and they aim to answer all calls within 3 rings or less.

The next stop was the print team who source and produce everything from business cards and headed paper to leaflets. After that we popped in to see the specials team - it’s their job to source an item if it isn’t already within the thousands of items that they have already. They can track down and source virtually anything for customers, which is really going above and beyond. I was already starting to realise, this isn’t just stationery! Lyreco even have a host of bee hives as they are committed to being as green as possible.

We also paid a visit to the lovely accounts team and the hardworking IT team who were all working away in their modern open plan office.

The best bit of the visit (in my humble opinion) was a visit to the gargantuan warehouse. Slick doesn’t even cover it, the way everything works is absolutely incredible. As orders are placed the labels are printed automatically. Lyreco’s system works out exactly what size box the items will need to be placed in and another machine will automatically slice down the box to the right size. (The offcuts of which then go back in to be recycled). Then the boxes travel around the long conveyor that tracks around the warehouse, items are picked and boxed up and then another machine automatically seals the boxes when complete. 5 different sets of eyes go over every box to make sure it is correct and then it is piled up into vans to make their way to the various distribution centres all over the UK.

The sheer scale of it is breath-taking, the huge size of the warehouse, all the different teams, the number of staff that it takes from the time I click “place my order” to getting the box on the desk here at Enterprise House the following day is amazing. With all of Lyreco’s orders being delivered next day, if the order is placed before 5.30pm it’s impressive that so much goes into it without us even knowing.

What I took away from my visit is that I could do with being a bit more Lyreco. Seeing how everything falls into place and the teams all work together to ensure every order is perfect and delivered on time is so slick it is impressive to say the least.

The other thing I took away was that Lyreco really is a one stop shop. Everything you can think of is in their catalogue; stationery of course but also print solutions, PPE, Hygiene equipment, and more. They have a giveaways team so all sorts of items can be produced with your company logo and they even provide HP Leased equipment like printers and laptops. Lyreco can also help with the upcoming GDPR legislation changes, they offer shredding solutions, shredders and privacy screens for monitors.

UBC clients benefit from our preferential rates with Lyreco so if you aren’t already signed up with them, pop out to reception and ask your UBC team to set you up or ask them for a catalogue - it could save you some money.