The scores of project teams, professionals and small businesses based at UBC's Enterprise House in Southampton probably don't need telling that the city is a fantastic place to live and work.

Now, several exciting new developments are materialising which means there are even more reasons to start or grow a business in Southampton.

WestQuay Watermark

UBC's Sarah Brackpool, Customer Service Manager at Enterprise House in Southampton, has been keeping tabs on the various local developments in and around the city.

"WestQuay Watermark is a brand new development taking shape in the city centre, which is an extension of our West Quay shopping complex. The new development has a host of new restaurants, a new cinema and a bowling alley.

"It's due to open later this year. The work has been going on for a while now and is expected to introduce more jobs and bring more people into the city centre. It will also offer the lovely people coming to Southampton on Cruises plenty to do when they arrive!"

The development, funded by the government's Regional Growth Fund, may be extended to include redevelopment of City Wall House along with new residential space, a hotel, restaurants and additional public space.

Southampton BID

Another opportunity lies with a new multi-million pound project by the Go! Southampton Business Improvement District (BID).

The BID plans to generate £1million a year and use the funds to improve key areas of the city, thereby boosting its international reputation and economic fortunes. Having recently secured Council backing, the vision is now a step closer.

Go! Southampton steering committee chairman Brad Roynon hailed a period of "unprecedented opportunity" for Southampton businesses, and pledged their support to create an outstanding reputation for the city centre and "ensure that the city centre's businesses are positioned to capitalise on these new opportunities".

Multi-billion pound Masterplan

Another initiative is the Meridian Waterside development, which is set to transform the former Meridian TV studios into housing and new public space.

These plans, plus a number of other developments, form part of a long-term Masterplan to inject over £3bn of investment into Southampton.

Dawn Baxendale, Chief Executive Southampton City Council, described the masterplan as an opportunity to make Southampton "the destination city of the South Coast" and an emerging key area of growth.

"There is a huge level of investment coming in to the city, creating hundreds of jobs in differing sectors. Ultimately, this significant and ambitious plan of transformation is leading to a greatly improved landscape in the city."

Above all, this high level of investment and development spells good news for local businesses.

Southampton is already recognised as the economic hub of the South Coast and one of the largest cities in the South East outside London. Previous investment has led to the city's current standing as the 4th highest-ranking English city for good growth (source PWC) and a prominent startup location, currently ranked within the top 20 by the Start-up Cities Index 2015. Plus, Southampton is also one of the UK's top 10 'happiest cities to work'.

Further investment will only add to the city's fortunes and create a more positive entrepreneurial environment that continues to attract the best and brightest business minds in the country.

If you want to improve your business fortunes in Southampton, why not come and visit us at Enterprise House? We're located on the waterfront at Ocean Village Marina - undoubtedly one of the happiest and most pleasant places to work in the country.