Southampton and Birmingham UK's "Happiest" Places to Work

Where can we find the UK's happiest employees? That was what business psychologists OPP set out to find during a research study of more than 2,500 employees across the UK.

The results found that 71% of UK employees generally feel "satisfied" in their roles, and OPP were able to link the findings with respondents' locations; discovering that there are key regional differences as to where Britain's happiest employees reside.

Nestled firmly within the top ten happiest employee locations are Birmingham (no.3) and Southampton (no.9). These are the locations of three UBC business centres, and it's not difficult to see why these locations create enjoyable workplace environments.

UBC Southampton, Enterprise House

In Southampton, UBC's historic Enterprise House building provides plenty of reasons to feel happy at work. Located in Ocean Village Marina, many offices have spectacular views of the waterfront. They are close enough to enjoy a lunchtime stroll around the marina or to take a relaxing break in one of the local cafes or restaurants.

"In Southampton there’s a big community spirit and it's great for work happiness," says Crystal Mintram, a Southampton-based architectural technician, speaking to the Guardian. "Though we do have big companies, in the smaller districts there are plenty of local independent businesses. It's a special city."

Birmingham bustle

In Birmingham, UBC's serviced offices at 65 Church Street have become a vibrant hub for small and growing businesses.

"Why wouldn't you want to be part of a city as exciting as Birmingham?" says entrepreneur Tara Tomes, whose company EAST VILLAGE PR is based at UBC's Birmingham business centre. "Projects like New Street Station, Grand Central and John Lewis, the new Mailbox, Library of Birmingham, and the Paradise redevelopment all helps showcase what's really happening in the city. Not to mention the amazing businesses, brands and culture we already have here."

Birmingham is also described as a city that's big enough to have the job opportunities, infrastructure and lifestyle of a major city, but one that's small enough to remain friendly and down to earth.

In addition to the city centre, Birmingham's outer core is home to many sought-after business parks that benefit from excellent transport links and on-site amenities, in addition to attractive rural surroundings.

In Solihull, UBC's  business centre at Birmingham Business Park provides flexible serviced offices for growing firms situated moments away from the regional offices of the UK's best-known brands.

This location is removed from city centre congestion and has the added benefit of attractive landscaped surroundings and accessible transport links, which helps to cut down on lengthy commutes. With emphasis on enhanced work/life balance, a shorter and easier commute is regularly cited as a key factor in employees' wellbeing and satisfaction.

In addition to location, the professional opinion of John Hackston, Head of Research at OPP, suggests that enhanced employee happiness also lies in a clear support network and open, easy lines of communication.

"Although it is great to see employee happiness on the rise, our research shows that job satisfaction doesn’t fully translate into feeling successful at work," he said. "Employees highlight that improving communication within organisations is particularly important. Effective communication will not only improve performance and decision-making but also enables employees to better understand the organisation's strategy.

"By addressing the factors that affect workplace satisfaction, businesses can help their employees achieve their full potential."

If a change of scenery is on the cards, whether it's a happy office in Birmingham, Southampton or another key UK location, we can help. Read more about UBC's UK serviced office locations on our website or contact us direct for further details and pricing.