Looking for Corporate Offices? Try This Out for Size

Think of business centres or serviced offices and you might immediately associate it with startups or SMEs. To an extent, you're right. The market, which provides office suites and shared offices on short-term agreements, is hugely popular with smaller businesses. With single suites available on contracts starting from just one month, it's no surprise.

But it might surprise you to learn that some business centres, UBC included, have an office solution designed with corporates in mind. In fact for United Business Centres this is not just an add-on product - it's one of our core services.

Allow us to explain.

We know that for large-scale businesses and corporate firms, procuring the right office space isn't a straightforward process. Scratch the surface of conventional office leases and you'll find complex legal terms, lengthy contracts, expensive capital outlay and worrying maintenance costs. You'll also need to hire legal representatives and source your own facilities.

What if, due to unforeseen circumstances, your business structure changes six months into your 10-year contract? What if the location doesn't work? What if it's just too expensive? It's daunting to say the least.

To help you overcome these concerns, UBC has developed a solution catered to corporate firms. Coming from a flexible standpoint and having survived the global recession, we thoroughly understand that flexibility is a very real priority in today's business landscape. You need the ability to scale, to control costs, to receive good value for money.

We can help.

Every corporate firm is different, so we've developed 3 separate yet equally flexible solutions to fit your needs. Again, each of these models can be adapted to your specific requirements. In a nutshell:

  1. UBC Adapt: You'll utilise one of our existing office layouts, which reduces any major build or fit-out costs. Of course some minor adjustments are to be expected, but altogether this is a quick and cost-efficient solution that's ideal for urgent office requirements, such as swing space or project teams. Short, long or fixed term agreements are available.
  2. UBC Bespoke: This is a tailored approach that's adapted to your specific needs. Rather than one-size-fits-all, this solution aims to marry your needs as closely as possible starting from a 'blank canvas'. It maximises the area available and cuts down on wasted space, thereby saving you money. Personal finishing touches include decor, furniture and branding.
  3. UBC Complete: This is our premium all-inclusive package. Including essentials like utilities, furniture, VoIP handsets, telecoms, call packages, high-speed Internet - the lot, complete with Zero Capital outlay.

Considerations like capped rates, service charges and maintenance fees are also factored in, which will be explained to you in further detail upon enquiry.

Throughout, you'll have the services of a dedicated UBC Account Director. It all starts with understanding your needs - which might range from size and projected expansion to kitchens and parking - and we'll work with you to provide an all-inclusive (read: manageable and fuss-free) package that ticks off each of your requirements.

We'll even negotiate with the building landlord, architects and business suppliers on your behalf, so everything's co-ordinated and you get a result that's delivered on time, on budget, and all-inclusive.

And once you're in, we don't stop there. We have on-site teams in every UBC location who manage your office and provide day-to-day support like reception services, property management, cleaning schedules, maintenance, the lot - right down to replacing a lightbulb!

In short, UBC's corporate solutions are all about freeing up your valuable time by delivering a well-matched office environment that complements your team, and lets you get on with the things that matter: like running and growing your business.

Find out more about our corporate office solutions on our website, and get the ball rolling by speaking to a member of our team on 0800 169 9822 or info@ubcuk.com.

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