5 Reasons to Hold a Staff Christmas Party in January

Whether you're a Christmas Scrooge or the type who really does wish it could be Christmas every day, there's no denying that this time of year is a great excuse for a seasonal shindig.

And if you're a business owner, you will always (repeat: always) be asked: "So are you having a staff 'do this year?"

Christmas is a perfect excuse to treat your hardworking team. But let's be honest - there are plenty of reasons why businesses of all shapes and sizes don't hold a festive bash. Perhaps you prefer to dish out a bonus instead, or a small gift with the Christmas pay cheques. Maybe December is a busy time for your company - particularly if you're in the delivery or hospitality business. Or maybe nobody quite got around to organising a staff outing this year.

In which case, why not do it in January instead?

When it comes to Christmas parties, here are 5 reasons why we think January is the new December:

1. Start as you mean to go on: What better way to kick start the New Year than a team get-together? It's a fantastic opportunity to motivate your team and look ahead to the targets and challenges of the year ahead. You could also use it as a team-building exercise to help your team bond and work more efficiently together. Just don't forget the party bit!

2. Upgrade your venue: After Christmas and New Year, January and February are typically quiet months in hospitality. That means venues are often much cheaper (but shhh... don't let on to your staff). On a practical note, you could use the savings to upgrade your venue, throw in some free drinks, or squeeze in some extra entertainment.

3. Easier to schedule: Everyone's busy at Christmas, and the last thing you want is to settle for a cramped corner of a restaurant with only half of your team, because the others already had plans. In January, there's generally less going on and more chance that everyone can make it. You should have a much better choice of venue, too.

4. Beat 'Blue Monday': The most depressing day of the year, billed Blue Monday, falls in January. In 2015 it's said to be on 26th January, when the festivities and excitement of the New Year have fizzled out. So why not keep your spirits up and give your team something to look forward to? Of course Blue Monday is a completely unproven concept - but it's certainly an excellent excuse to organise a staff night out!

5. Too stuffed for turkey? Your January party doesn't have to carry a Christmas theme. By then, who wants to see another Santa hat anyway? More importantly, if your employees have alternative faiths or religions, you can steer clear of Christmas altogether. Just enjoy the chance to get together with your team, and revel in the fact that roast turkey is completely off the menu.